After many years of going idle, I've decided to retire my old Wordpress.com account.  It's not that I've been idle from the internet or coding projects over the past couple of years.  Rather, my online presence shifted and became more nuanced.  My old blog covered too wide of a scope.  It generated great traffic for tech involvement and opinions, and much less for other topics.  As such, instead of trying to keep it all in one area, I've been in the process of decentralizing.

New (Old) Domain

Meet scottawilliams.com.  Although I've owned this domain since high school (with a gap in there where I founght with a domain parker to get it back after I let it expire once), it's mostly remained idle, save for personal email routing.  I've now repurposed it as a landing page for some of my other resources.

As some of you probably know, I have another blog, Avaris to Avanim, which covers theological and academic topics.  As I finished up my masters and was in between programs, I wanted a writing outlet, but felt my old Wordpress.com blog was too broad and mostly related to old coding projects.  It was unsuitable for a professional academic, so I split it out and have kept it separate.  It is now linked into scottawilliams.com from the homepage.

I've also added links to GitHub, Twitter, and some Fedora Project activities and I will likely add to that soon (perhaps proper landing pages designated for specific coding projects).

From Wordpress to Mezzanine

I've migrated all content from vwbusguy.wordpress.com into the new scottawilliams.com/blog.  The links follow the same scheme.  The comments are still in process of being migrated over from disqus.  Many of the images still point back to the old Wordpress, but they should also be ported soon and then I'll process a full redirect.

I chose Mezzanine as a CMS platform, as it's Django based, has an intuitive UI, is very lightweight, and the Django templating is so easy to setup.  Unlike my previous wordpress.com, these blogs are self hosted and maintained, which affords me a great deal more flexibility.  As a bonus to my readers, it also means, no more sponsored Wordpress ads.

Welcome to the new scottawilliams.com!

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