Here’s my review on W.

Short verdict – a good, sometimes funny story.


From the TV ads you would think that W. is a light hearted comedy more in line with the Scary Movie series.  But instead the movie engages you in it from W’s perspective, and and you quickly forget that this is based on a real guy.  It’s like you know the story and the ending, yet at the same time it’s like your watching it new, because of the focus on the perspective.

It’s not like a Michael Moore documentary – where the angry mob is looking in, but rather more like Dick or Wag the Dog in a way because it puts the sudience in perspective of Bush and the leders going into the Iraq War.

The other thingit does is make you realize what an amazing story it is that someone could be a careless, jobless, drunk into the middle of his life and still become a president with one of the highest approval ratings ever (in 2002).

Another interesting element is the aspect of faith.  It’s hard to tell what the point is of it being a constant thing.  One one hand, the story was clear that his faith got him out of drinking, but then at times takes jabs at his pastor (shown with a shiny cross belt buckle), and ot one point an upset W. yells, "I’ll never be out-Christian’d out Texan’d again!"

The other thing that this movie does is put Bush in perspective of his family.  While focusing on his relationship with his father ("Poppy") primarily, it also shows how Laura and him met and painted her as a strong, wise, patient, and self-sacrificing, while at the same time publicly reserved.  It also explores the relationships with his mother (Barbara) and brother (Jeb).

It uses the actual names of politicians and friends of W. and actors did pretty decently at their impersonations.  I thought Condoleeza Rice’s impersonation was a little over the top though.  The movie clearly shows a deep respect for the wisdom of Colin Powell as well.  Other administration favorites – Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and Donald Rumsfeld are also used throughout this movie.

Bottom line – It’s worth watching.

Currently unrated