I had posted a while back about a tool I had written to monitor the CPU temp in command line through ACPI.  I later added logging and more hardware support, and then, I didn’t do much with it for almost a year.

After some renewed interest followed by several suggested features, I have a new release!  The new version has command line arguments, includes an average temperature, can be run for a specified time, and can just return an average temperature over a few seconds, making this tool more and more useful.

In addition, I added comments to the code, did a little house cleaning, and worked on the temperature reporting to make it more robust for systems storing ACPI data in /sys.

I also packaged this as an RPM.  While the RPM was created on Fedora 12, it is pretty universal.  All it requires is python 2.X and ACPI.  I also have a quick install script for non-RPM systems (or for, whatever).  And, like previous releases, licensed under GPL, so share it with your friends.


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